I have been on three trips with Pete, and had a blast each time. He is hyper organized and knows how to find fish and work drifts as good as anybody in the world. Pete is a super hard worker and always made each minute of our trip entertaining. Highly recommended!
-Scott Darnell

Scott Darnell

For years I had wanted to spearfish for Tuna. The year I turned 73, I figured that it was now or never, so I booked a trip with Pete to Panama. The thing about Pete is that not only is he a world class spear fisherman, he is an extraordinary teacher. He is patient and knowledgeable and eager to share the secrets of the sport that he loves. He took an old geezer who, to put it kindly, isn’t the athlete he once was, and turned him into a reasonably competent spear fisherman. That geezer shot a 102 pound Yellowfin Tuna! It was one of the happiest days of my life! For a spearfishing trip of a life time, I recommend Pete!
-Bill Norton

Bill Norton

Pete is the absolute best guide out there without a doubt. This picture represents the pinnacle of my spearfishing experiences and I couldn’t have done it without Pete’s encouragement, guidance, and effervescent good humor. Want a big fish, book a trip with Pete Correale.
-Robert Cass

Robert Cass

Pete’s experience and service are second to none. He has a wealth of information all of which he is ready and willing to share. More importantly, though, he respects the ocean, the catch and the process which makes him an invaluable asset as a guide.
-Clinton Moran

Clinton Moran
Pete’s Blue Water University trip was a great experience, I was able to improve both my freediving and spearfishing skills, and was lucky enough to shoot my first wahoo.
-Claudio Maldonado
Claudio Maldonado