Worldwide Spearfishing

Experience firsthand the most action packed spearfishing encounters of your life, guided by world class spearfisherman, Peter Correale.

Peter Correale has over 10 years of professional spearfishing guide experience, and has the track record to show for it. You won’t find a more fulfilling spearfishing experience than with Worldwide Spearfishing. We are available for charter locally in Montauk, New York, as well as any private destination trip that you are interested in booking.

Sustainable Fishing Techniques

Freedive-Spearfishing is the most selective and sustainable method of harvesting fish of any method used in the world. Our modo is nothing eat what you harvest! Nothing goes to waste when finding our next, locally sourced meal!

Unlimited Destinations

Your options for spearfishing destinations are essentially limitless. Pete specializes in setting up and guiding spearfishing trips in destinations all over the world, no where is too remote!

Beginner friendly

If you are new to the sport of spearfishing or interested in learning, we offer private and group freedive and how to spearfish courses, as well as clinics geared towards the advanced spearo looking to elevate there skills to a higher level.

Unique Experience

We offer a exciting and unique experience honed from over ten years of spearfishing trips, adventures, courses and clinics.

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