Worldwide Spearfishing

Experience firsthand the most action packed spearfishing encounters of your life, guided by world class spearfisherman, Peter Correale.

Peter Correale has over 10 years of professional spearfishing guide experience, and has the track record to show for it. You won’t find a more fulfilling spearfishing experience than with Worldwide Spearfishing. We are available for charter locally in Montauk, New York, as well as any private destination trip that you are interested in booking. Please see the upcoming schedule for any group trips that you may be interested in- it changes periodically. 

Selective Take

With Worldwide Spearfishing our number one goal is to help you find your next meal. Locally sourced, from spear to plate.

Unlimited Destinations

Your options for spearfishing destinations are essentially limitless. Where there’s ocean, there’s spearfishing.

Beginner friendly

If you’re new to the sport of spearfishing or interested in learning, it may be difficult to find to find a place to learn. Join us in our beginner friendly courses throughout the year.

Unique Experience

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Blue Water University

Enhance your spearfishing skills

Blue Water University is a 5-day freediving and spearfishing clinic designed for all skill levels, beginner-experienced hosted by Peter Correale and Palapas Ventana in Baja, Mexico.

Blue Water World Cup

Compete with the best spearos in the world

One of the longest running spearfishing tournaments in the world, hosted by Peter Correale of World Wide Spearfishing, and Palapas Ventana, in Baja, Mexico. 

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    Protect our oceans.

    By practicing strong ethical standards in how we spearfish, we can ensure that future generations can enjoy the same lifestyle we do today.

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    One breathe. One fish.

    Selective Take is our number one concern when targeting fish. This means we only target larger and older fish, allowing younger fish to grow.

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    Conservation through spearfishing

    conservation is essential for any waterman; our oceans need more help now than ever. By practicing selective take in our fishing, we aim to ensure stronger fish populations for generations to come

Learn to Freedive Spearfish

Learn the skill of freedive spearfishing from one of the sport's most experienced guides

Freediving is one of the most essential skills in spearfishing, and your skills could always improve. Whether you are just beginning or you are an intermediate, taking a course could be what it takes for you to improve to the next level. 

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